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Q: What melting temperature is ideal for Rapid Wax to dip a coping at .3mm?
A: 173 degrees f.
or 80 degrees c.
Each dipping pot is slightly different, so you may have to go a few degrees up or down to get your desired thickness. A .3mm dip is very achievable.

Q: What colors does Rapid Wax available in?
A: Original blue/green
and a light sea green
although the blue/green is 99% preferred
by most technicians.

Q: How long has Rapid Wax been available?
A: Since 1999 with 1200 labs as repeat clients.

Q: Does Rapid Wax contain ash or plasticisers?
A: No,no,no. Rapid Wax is a pure petrolium base wax and can be used for copings and crowns...and pressable ceramics.

Q: Is Rapid Wax easy to use?
A: Yes. Rapid Wax is easy to use, has a nice carving texture, and copings remain stable for days at a time.
Although all tecnicians are not the same and it may take a while to get adapted to any new material. That's why we offer the new user a 2 oz size to practice with before opening the 8 oz bottle.
I am available at my 800-338-3405# to assist in the transition period also.

Q: What's the best way to wax a coping with Rapid Wax?
A: Sure, here it is!
Simply dip your die past the red marginal line and remove. The slower you remove the die the thicker the pattern will be.

adjust the thickness on the occlusion and add to any thin areas. The margins are now ready to be carved out.

Find a place to start carving with a warmed instrument at the red line. Carve in short strokes and go completely around and then remove the excess skirt of wax left behind.

Remove the pattern from the die and check for any over extended areas. return the pattern to the die and make any adjustments. Add a lingual band if desired, remember to over extend the band over the margin and recarve back to the red marginal line. Otherwise your coping is finished.

Rapid wax doesn't require a margin wax. It's a dipping wax and a margin wax all in one.

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