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Three Areas That Will Give You Your Best Results!

LightStar Wax.

The best performing labs work on three areas in their crown and bridge lab to give them their biggest payoffs.

1- Products
2- Techniques
3- Technicians

The first area to concentrate on to get the biggest payoff is the products you are using to fabricate your crowns.

You may be putting up with the waxes you're currently using for your copings and bridges thinking this is as good as the next.

But when you change to LightStar Wax one that is innovative and problem free you can dramatically enhance the quality of your crowns and improve your labs production at the same time.

The national average production for waxed copings is 4 per hour or 32 per day, sound about right?

By reducing some of the problems associated with waxing copings, such as... uneven thickness of the dipped pattern, and margins that require resealing after the waxing procedure is complete, you can increase your production naturally.

By as much as 100%! Yes 100%! From 4 copings per hour to 8 copings per hour. These are sprued and ready to invest.

Rapid Wax gives you an even .3mm thickness on all four walls of the coping and (HD) High Definition Margins. Margins that won't shrink back or open up after waxing. Proven and tested under 10x microscopic lens.

Also LightStar Wax is suitable for all three major crown and bridge procedures...

1- Coping and Bridges
2- Full Gold Crowns
3- Pressable Ceramics

Copings and bridges for it's accurate dipping thickness and marginal stability.

Full Gold crowns for it's carving texture and

Pressable Ceramics for it's pure ash free formula.

LightStar Wax is made by a technician for technicians. Why use a wax developed for injecting jewelry when you can use  LightStar Wax which was developed specifically for the crown and bridge industry.

All of LightStar Waxes' base compounds are weighed to the gram, in small 4 pounds batches to assure maximum quality control. I also filter LightStar Wax completely. (you wouldn't believe what's been found microscopically in other waxes)

LightStar Wax is used by over 1300 labs in the US and in three different countries. Millions of copings and crowns have been produced to date.

Technicians all over the world are enjoying higher quality and increased production for their crown and bridge labs.

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